2020 - Lusitano Breed - 6th Place in World Dressage Breeds

Lusitano Breed Dressage

1990: Participation in European Championship

Participation in European Championship in 1990 with Carlos Pinto, riding RIPADO (Breeder: Coudelaria Ortigão Costa).

1992: Participation in the Olympic Games

Participation in the Olympic Games, with the France national team, on ORPHÉE (Breeder: Roger Bouzin).

2000: 3rd place in the Spain Championship

GUIZO (Breeder: Fundação Eugénio de Almeida) – 3rd place in the Spain Championship, qualifying for and competing in the Sydney Olympics, with the Spain National team.

2001: Acceptance of Lusitano Breed as a member of WBFSH

Acceptcance of Lusitano Breed as a member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses - WBFSH - entitling the breed to participate in all World Breed Championships from this date, in addition to its inclusion in the International Breeding Guide.

2001: “France Dressage” distinguishes the Lusitano DUCHÉ with Studhorse status

“France Dressage” distinguishes the Lusitano DUCHÉ (Breeder: Dany Lahaye) with Studhorse status in France – “a stallion possessing the qualities required to improve the characteristics of Dressage horses in France”. Five horses from a total number of 21 were distinguished, one of which was the Lusitano DUCHÉ.

2002: Participation in the World Equestrian Games

Participation in the World Equestrian Games, with the Spain team, in 2002, with the horse GUIZO.

Lusitano Breed Dressage
Lusitano Breed Dressage

APSL Project for the Lusitano Horse in Dressage - 1st phase, from 2002 to 2011

APSL’s objective was to create the most favourable conditions for the development and consequent demonstration of the Lusitano horse’s functionality and versatility. The initiative is, accordingly, geared to the participation of Portuguese Lusitano horses and their riders, in international competitions, based on the organising of training events.

This project started in November 2002 with coach Martina Hannover.

APSL Lusitano Horses in Dressage
APSL Lusitano Horses in Dressage

The 2nd phase, from 2018 to present day times, enjoys the support of FEP, with Daniel Pinto and Miguel Ralão as coaches and with the participation of Kyra Kirklund.
Photographs: João Pedro Rodrigues and Juan Jimenez Cobo, invited to participate in the 1st phase of this APSL initiative which also included the participation of horses such as Oxalis da Meia Lua and Rubi who competed in the Olympic Games. 

2003: 3rd place in the Spain Championship

Spanish rider Juan Jimenez Cobo with the Lusitano Guizo (Breeder: Fundação Eugénio de Almeida − Owner: D. Enrique Guerrero), achieves 3rd place in the Spain Championship.

2004: Silver medal at the Athens Olympics

Silver medal at the Athens Olympics in 2004 with the Spain team, with GUIZO.

2007: Lusitanos Achieve Important Classifications

In 2007, Oxalis da Meia Lua (Coudelaria da Meia Lua) was highly successful in competitions such as the CDI 3* Verden, in which he came 1st, the Sunshine Tour, in Vejer de La Frontera and in Torino, in the CDI3*, in which he came 3rd.

Galopin de La Font (Sylvain Massa), came 1st in Las Vegas, having competed in innumerable international competitions which, inter alia, included Holland, Germany, Italy, England and Austria.
Notavel (José Correia Leite) also has a vast curriculum which includes participation in the most important international competitions.

These three Lusitanos competed at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

2008: The Lusitano was the second, most representative, breed at the Beijing Olympics

The Lusitano was the second, most representative, breed at the Beijing Olympics.

2008 was the first year in which a Portugal team, made up solely of Lusitanos, competed at the Olympic Games. A total number of 7 Lusitano horses was entered and, in addition to the Portugal team, were also included in teams from Brazil and Australia. The Lusitano was the second most representative breed at this event.

Portugal team members participating in the Beijing Olympics were: Oxális da Meia Lua (Coudelaria da Meia Lua), with Miguel Ralão, Notável JCL Puy du Fou (José Correia Leite), with Carlos Pinto and Galopin de La Font (Sylvain Massa), with Daniel Pinto.

The Brazil team included: Nilo V.O. − Breeder: Vitor Oliva (Coudelaria Ilha Verde), Samba − Breeder: Sociedade das Silveiras and Oceano do Top − Breeder António Toledo Pereira Filho.

The Australia team included: RELAMPAGO DO RETIRO −  Breeder: Eduardo Fischer.

Lusitano Breed at the Beijing Olympics

Lusitano Breed at the Beijing Olympics, 2008.

Lusitano Horse Rubi

The Lusitano horse RUBI (Breeder: Coudelaria de Alter − Owner: Christine Jacoberger), ridden by Gonçalo Carvalho, came 16th at the LONDON OLYMPICS. This was the highest classification ever achieved at the most important international equestrian event.

With this result, the Lusitano breed came 21st in the WBFSH - 2012 ranking.

2013: European Dressage Championship (Fei European Championships 2013)

Herning - Denmark

The following results were achieved by Portuguese riders with LUSITANO HORSES:

  • Gonçalo Carvalho & RUBI AR (Breeder: Coudelaria de Alter − Owner Christine Jacoberger) came 24th with an excellent average of 69.362% and qualified for the Grand Prix Special;
  • Maria Moura Caetano & XIRIPITI (Breeder: Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire) achieved 34th place with 68.313%;
  • Also participating in this championship were Filipe Canelas Pinto with Spirit and Luis Principe with Parish, who came 50th and 54th, respectively;
  • Portugal came 11th in the team rankings.

2014: Seventh Edition of the World Equestrian Games

Normandy - France

A sizable showing by Lusitanos at the seventh edition of the World Equestrian Games − 2014, which took place in Normandy (France). The national teams competing in the different disciplines included several Lusitano horses:


  • Maria Caetano Coudeiro with XIRIPITI − Breeder: Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire
  • Carlos Pinto with SOBERANO − Breeder: Casa Agrícola Júlio e Guilherme Borba
  • Manuel Veiga with BEN HUR da BROA − Breeder: Manuel Tavares Veiga.


  • Sara Duarte with DAMASCO − Breeder: D. Maria Rosa Oliveira Santos

The following are also members of the Brazil Dressage Team:

  • SIGNO dos PINHAIS −  Breeder: Luis Erminio de Moraes − Rider: João Vitor Oliva
  • VIHESTE − Breeder: Coudelaria de Alter − Rider: Manuel Tavares de Almeida Neto
  • PASTOR − Breeder: Dr. Guilherme Borba − Rider: Luiza Tavares de Almeida
  • SAMBA − Breeder: Sociedade das Silveiras − Rider: Pedro Tavares de Almeida

France team, also in Dressage:

  • ROBINSON DE LAFONT DE MASSA −  Breeder:  Sylvain Massa − Rider: Serre Arnaud

Batuta and Gonçalo Carvalho

BATUTA and Gonçalo Carvalho ( Breeder: Quinta das Terras,) achieved very good results in major international Dressage circuits particularly:

  • 1st place at the 2nd CDI*** Madrid. Rider: José Garcia Mena;
  • 1st place at the CDI4* Munich, winner of the Grand Prix with a percentage of 71.400 and winner of the Grande Prix Special with an average of 72.510%;
  • Podium places in Vidauban – 2015: 2nd place on the podium, in the CDI3* Grand Prix, with a percentage of 71.780%. 2nd place, this time in the CDI5* Grand Prix with a percentage of 73.140%. 1st place in the CDI5* Grand Prix Special with an excellent average of 77.765%;
  • 13th place in the European Dressage Championship - Aachen 2015, 15th place, with 71,148%, qualifying to compete in the Kur, in which he came 13th with 72.768%;
  • 2nd place in the CDI3* Nice, in the Grande Prix (73.080%) and in the Grand Prix Special (74.490%);
  • CDI 3* in Jerez de la Frontera, Grande Prix, coming 4th with a percentage of 71.680%;
  • 7th place in the CDIW Lyon, in the Grand Prix Freestyle, with a percentage of 74.125%.

Gonçalo Carvalho with BATUTA came 6th in the FEI Olympic Ranking and 58th in the World Ranking, in 2015.

With a highly promising past, the Lusitano mare BATUTA de Grand Prix died in 2018.

Lusitano Breed Dressage

European Dressage Championship - Aachen - GERMANY - 2015

Gonçalo Carvalho with BATUTA and Maria Caetano Couceiro with XIRIPITI were present as members of the national team, with Lusitano horses. 

Portugal came 11th in the Grand Prix event which is part of the team classification. Individually, Gonçalo Carvalho with the Lusitano mare BATUTA, came 13th with 70.557%, Daniel Pinto with SANTURION DE MASSA came 32nd with 69.614%, Filipe Canelas Pinto with DER CLOU came 47th with 67.557% and Maria Caetano Couceiro with XIRIPITI came 69th with 63.786%.

Gonçalo Carvalho achieved an excellent 15th place in the Grand Prix Special,  with 71.148% and qualified to compete in the Kur, in which he came 13th with 72.768%.

The Lusitano horse once again reaches the final of major world competitions.


The participation of several horses and riders in international competitions marks a new era for national dressage and for the major relevance of the lusitano horse as the mount of choice of the best national and international riders.

2016: the Lusitano was at the Olympic Games in Brazil

The Lusitano was once again present at the Olympic Games, in 2016, this time in Brazil, as a member of the Brazil and Spain teams.

Brazil team: João Victor Oliva & Xamã dos Pinhais, Luiza Tavares de Almeida & Vendaval, Giovana Pass and Zingaro de La Lyra, Pedro Almeida & Xaparro do Vouga. Deputy: Manuel Tavares de Almeida and Vhieste.

Spain’s participation included Cláudio Castilha with Alcaide (Breeder: Sociedade Agrícola Oliveira Martins).

2018: World Equestrian Games

Portugal team:

  • Maria Caetano & COROADO (Breeder: Portuguese State – Coudelaria de Alter −  Owner: Juan Manuel Cordeiro)
  • Vasco Godinho & BARILOCHE (Breeder: João Pedro Rodrigues − Owner: Christine Jacoberger)
  • Miguel Ralão & XENOFONTE D’ATELA (Breeder: Francisco Bessa de Carvalho − Owner: Paula Figueiredo)
  • Manuel Borba Veiga & BEN-HUR DA BRôA (Breeder and owner: Manuel Tavares Veiga)

Brazil team Lusitanos:

  • Pedro Tavares de Almeida & AOLEO (Breeder: Sociedade Agricola D. Dinis)
  • João Victor Oliva & XIRIPITI (Breeder: Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire)
  • Giovana Prado & ZINGARO DE LYW (Breeder and owner: Coudelaria la Lyra Y la W SL)

Spain team:

  • Claudio Castilha & ALCAIDE (Breeder: Sociedade Agrícola Oliveira Martins −   Owner: Ganaderia La Perla Alberto Herranz SL)

Luxembourg team:

  • DRAGÃO DAS FIGUEIRAS (Breeder: Sociedade Quinta das Terras −  Owner: Equogestão, SA)

2018: the Lusitano Breed Studbook comes 8th in the WBFSH

The participation of Lusitanos on the most important international circuits is starting to be an everyday occurrence and the results are spurring the Breed to ever greater achievements. 

These international representations have clearly only been made possible by regular national participations and 2018 also marks the first year of the National Equestrian Games, promoted by FEP. 

The Lusitano breed Studbook now comes 8th in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) ranking of Dressage horse breeds. 

Lusitanos scoring points for the Studbook were: Dragão das Figueiras with 1807 points, Coroado with 1739 points, Bariloche with 1659 points, Fogoso with 1606 points, Xiripiti with 1463 points and Xenofonte d'Atela with 1459 points. 

Sociedade Quinta das Terras came in 60th position out of the 749 breeders listed in the ranking. 

2019 is a historical year for the LUSITANO and once again guarantees the presence in the most important international competitions in the Dressage discipline. 

This is, without a doubt, a moment of great prominence for the Lusitano Breed. All the effort and dedication of those involved - breeders and owners, riders, trainers, families, among others, is now reflected in the various results obtained.

CDI 5* in Aachen Maria Caetano & Coroado AR (Coudelaria de Alter) and Claúdio Castilla Ruiz & Alcaide (Sociedade Agricola Oliveira Martins) participated in the CDI 5*, obtaining the following classifications 

Maria Caetano & Coroado AR obtained a score of 71.152% in GP and 71.362% in GPS.
Claudio Castilla Ruiz with Alcaide obtained the 10th place, another brilliant result that puts the Lusitano Breed in the World Top 10!

In Italy - Youth Dressage European Championships 2019, Portugal is present with a Junior team and another Young Riders team besides two Children riders. To highlight the results of the young rider Martim Menéres & Equador (Carlos Manuel Oliveira Ferreira) that in the Team Event conquered the 10th place with an average of 70,823% and in the Individual Event the excellent 8th place . 

 In England, CDIO3* Hickstead - FEI Nations Cup the National Team competing only with Lusitano horses, conquered, in the GP, the 2nd place - João Torrão with Equador MVL(Coudelaria do Monte Velho), with 73,522%, the 3rd place - Rodrigo Torres with Fogoso (Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire), with 72,739%, the 7th place - Duarte Nogueira with Beirão (Coudelaria de Alter), with 70,239% and the 11th place - Miguel Ralão Duarte with Xenofonte D'Atela (Francisco Bessa de Carvalho) with 67,261%, winning for the first time the Nations Cup in Hickstead (England).

Maria Caetano & Coroado

Maria Caetano & Coroado

Rodrigo Torres & Fogoso

Rodrigo Torres & Fogoso

Lusitano Dressage 2019
Lusitano Dressage 2019

At the European Dressage Championships held in Rotterdam, in 2019, four horses and their riders succeeded in qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 which were postponed owing to the Covid - 19 pandemic.

At the European Championships held in Rotterdam, reference should be made to an additional 5 Lusitanos in teams from Spain, Estonia, Ireland and Luxembourg.


2020 - Lusitano Breed in 6th position in the Dressage Breeds World Ranking

The results achieved by riders of Lusitano horses participating in the most diverse international competitions gave the LUSITANO BREED 6th position in the Dressage Horse Breeds, in the WBFSH Ranking at the end of 2020.

João Torrão in 33rd position and Maria Moura Caetano in 44th in the FEI best world Dressage riders ranking.

There are 3 breeders in the top 50 of the World Ranking of Dressage Horse Breeders. Coudelaria do Monte Velho, came 17th based on the results achieved by the Lusitano Equador who, ridden by João Torrão, has been outstanding in diverse national and international competitions. 

The Lusitano RUBI came 27th in the Ranking of the best world Dressage Studhorses. 

João Torrão & EQUADOR MVL | Duarte Nogueira & BEIRÃO

João Torrão & EQUADOR MVL | Duarte Nogueira & BEIRÃO

João Torrão & EQUADOR MVL, Campeões Nacionais de Dressage 2020

João Torrão & EQUADOR MVL, Campeões Nacionais de Dressage 2020

Lusitano RUBI, 27th in the Ranking of the best world Dressage Studhorses in 2020

Lusitano RUBI, 27th in the Ranking of the best world Dressage Studhorses in 2020