The Working Equitation World Championship will take place from July 20 to 23, in Les Herbiers (France), organized by “Working Equitation France” and under the tutelage of WAWE (World Association for Working Equitation) and which will feature a record number of entries – 19 countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, USA, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland) .

Portugal, with an unrivaled history of victories, will, for sure, do its best to win the World Title in the discipline. The level at which Working Equitation is practiced in our country has made the choice of the Team very difficult, for which we would like to leave our sincere recognition to all athletes and, above all, a lot of pride.

The training sessions started in March under the responsibility of the two national coaches Miguel Ralão Duarte and Pedro Torres, have taken place at the facilities kindly provided by the partners of APSL Casal dos Rios and Xavier de Lima and also at the Pedro Neves Equestrian Center.

Portugal will be represented in this important equestrian competition, with the following riders and horses:

- Bruno Pica da Conceição with Istanbul

- Gilberto Filipe with Zinque da Lezírias

- Luis Brito Paes with Horizonte

- Mafalda Galiza Mendes with Isco

Tiago Alves with Eoxido will be the reserve.

As chief team of the Portuguese Team will be Claúdia Matos.

The National Team will compete in the Competition with the level and professionalism that we are used to and that makes us, from now on, very proud!

To all our best wishes for success, certain that this competition will be another important step towards the consolidation of Working Equitation in the World, but also and not least, for the dissemination of the quality of National Equitation and the Lusitano Horse.