It took place on the 1st of February the Sports Gala, where national athletes from all the federated modalities who stood out in 2022 are distinguished and where the National Working Equitation Team was present.

Portugal won the World Championship of the discipline, individual and by Teams, in France, in July 2022.


Portuguese Team World Champion 2022


Gilberto Filipe with Zinque das Lezírias – Also Individual World Champion

Luis Brito Paes with Horizonte

Mafalda Galicia Mendes with Isco

Tiago Alves with Eoxido

Bruno Pica – substitute rider

Team leader

Claudia Matos


Miguel Ralão Duarte

Pedro Torres


Our sincere congratulations to the team and everyone involved in this discipline that has had so many successes in the National Equestrian environment.