There are many moments that we certainly wish to keep, but this year is marked by the Working Equitation World Championships title achieved individually by Gilberto Filipe with Zinque das Lezírias, and collectively, by four great riders and horses:

Gilberto Filipe with Zinque das Lezírias

Luis Brito Paes with Horizonte

Mafalda Galiza Mendes with Isco

Tiago Alves with Eóxido

Mafalda Galiza Mendes and Isco achieved the second place and Tiago Alves with Eóxido won the speed trial.


It was a Championship that we will never forget as well as Zinque das Lezírias who stood out so much throughout his career in Working Equitation.

We also don't forget all those who participate in the competitions of this discipline and who are the reason of everything.

We highlight the National Champions of the Working Equitation in 2022:

Debutante: Gilberto Filipe with Morante won, followed by João Gonçalves with Madragoa das Arcas and João Cabral with Forcado

Under-16 year old: Lara Carreira with Endiabrado won, followed by Rodrigo Batalha with Hialino and Leonor Vieira with Conde

Under-20: Afonso Resina Antunes with Importante da Broa won, followed by Nicole Silva with Hábil de Sena and Rui Pedro Moreira with Jedi

Senior: Gilberto Filipe with Luar da Caniceira won, followed by Luis Brito Paes with Horizonte and Diogo Duarte Oliveira with Heros

Masters Level: Mafalda Galiza Mendes with Isco won, followed by Eduardo Almeida with Zirco do Tagus and Gilberto Filipe with Irânio da Ferraria

To all our thanks.

We also would like to extend our thanks to FEP, to the organizing Commissions, Judges and to all the public and athletes' families that are part of this great family that is the Working Equitation.

In 2023 is already scheduled the World Championship for the younger athletes, which will take place in Ponte de Lima, that welcomes so well all those who go there.

See you next year and thank you very much.