The IV Journey of the XXIV National Working Equitation Championship took place together with the Expoégua Fair, in Golegã.

30 riders from all levels participated in this Journey.

In the Consagrados level, the victory went to Bruno Pica Da Conceição with the horse Lusitano Istanbul with 23 points achieved after the victory in the Dressage and Handling tests. in 2nd position was Gilberto Filipe who rode Luar da Caniceira with 21 points and in 3rd position on the podium were Luís Brito Paes and Horizonte with 20 points.

In the Masters level, the victory was won by Gilberto Filipe with Zinque das Lezirias who reached 10 points, in 2nd place was Mafalda Galiza Mendes with the horse Isco and in 3rd place was Gilberto Filipe this time with the horse Irânio da Ferraria.

In the Debutantes category, victory for Gilberto Filipe with the horse Morante who won 31 points after winning the Dressage and Handling tests. In 2nd place was João Gonçalves with the mare Madragoa Das Arcas with 24 points and in 3rd place was also João Gonçalves this time with the mare Majestosa.

In the U-20 level, Afonso Resina Antunes won with the horse Importante da Broa, in 2nd place was Rui Moreira with Jedi and completing the podium was Leonor Almeida with Feitor da Quinta da Torre.

Finally, in the U-16 level, the victory was won by Lara Carreira with the horse Endiabrado, in 2nd place was Leonor Vieira with the horse Conde and in 3rd place was Rodrigo Batalha with Hialino.

Congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners.