This weekend, at Centro Hípico Hotel Golf Mar in Vimeiro, the III Journey of the Working Equitation Championship was held together with an international qualifying event for the World Championship of the sport.

In the international event, the victory went to the rider Mafalda Galiza Mendes with the horse Isco after winning 2 of the 3 tests in dispute. The second position on the podium went to Gilberto Filipe with the horse Zique das Lezírias and the 3rd place on the podium went to the rider Tiago Alves and the horse Eoxido.

In the National Working Equitation Championship, the classification was as follows:

Masters level:

1st Mafalda Galiza Mendes with Isco

2nd Gilberto Filipe with Zinque das Lezirias

3rd Gilberto Filipe with Irânio da Ferraria

Consagrados level:

1st Tiago Alves with Eoxido

2nd Bruno Pica Da Conceição with Istambul

3rd Gilberto Filipe with Luar da Caniceira

Debutants level:

1st Gilberto Filipe with Morante

2nd João Gonçalves with Madragoa Das Arcas

3rd João Bento with Jaguar

Under-20 level

1st Nicole Silva with Hábil de sena

2nd Rui Moreira with Jedi

3rd Leonor Almeida with Feitor da Quinta da Torre

Under-16 level

1st Leonor Vieira with Conde

2nd Rodrigo Batalha with Hialino

3rd Lara Carreira with Devil

These competition were also judged by the International Judge Barbara Laurent.