On the 30th of April and the 1st of May, the IV Journey of the National Working Equitation Championship took place at the Ovibeja fair, in Beja.

In the Debutantes level, the podium was composed by the horse Náutico ridden by the rider Beatriz Almeida in 3rd position with 25 points, by Jaguar with the rider João Bento in 2nd position with 29 points and the winner of this competition was Merlin OC ridden by Gilberto Filipe who reached 33 points.

In the Under 20 level the winner was Nicole Silva with the horse Hábil de Sena who reached 31 points, in the 2nd position was also Nicole Silva, this time with Inca, with 21 points and in the 3rd position of the podium was Minuto do Penedo with Afonso Resina with 19 points.

In the Under 16 level, the winner was Lara Carreira who rode the horse Endiabrado, in 2nd and 3rd position was Carminho Filipe with the horses Zig Zag and Luar da Caniceira, respectively.

Finally, in the Under 14 level, the winner was Leonor Vilas Boas with the horse Formoso and in 2nd place was Alice Nogueira with Grifo.

The V Journey of the National Working Equitation Championship will take place from the 12th to the 14th of May at Expoegua, Golegã.