The 2nd Round of the National Working Equitation Championship took place on the 1st and 2nd of April.

It was a highly disputed round, which had more than 40 combinations and riders from several countries, such as Spain, Poland and Sweden.

In the Debutantes level, the podium was composed by João Gonçalves with the horse Hábil da Brôa who conquered the 3rd position with a total of 17 points, in the 2nd position was Gilberto Filipe with the horse Merlim OC with 19 points and the winner of this competition was João Bento with the horse Jaguar that added up to a total of 22 points.

In the Consagrados level the victory went to Gilberto Filipe with Morante who reached 27 points, in 2⁰ place was João Gonçalves with Madragoa with a total of 23 points and in the 3rd position of the podium was Pedro Nicolau with Gringo with 22 points.

In the Masters level the victory was conquered once again by Gilberto Filipe, this time with the horse Iranio da Ferraria and in 2nd position was Bruno Pica with the horse Istambul.

In the Under-20 level, the big winner was Nicole Silva with Habil de Sena, in 2nd place was João Barbosa with Hobby and in 3rd place was Afonso Resina Antunes with Importante da Broa.

At the U-16 level, the podium was composed by Carminho Filipe and Luar da Caniceira in 3rd position, Carminho Filipe also won 2nd position but with the horse Zig Zag and the winner of this competition was Lara Carreira with Endiabrado.

Finally, in the Under-14 category, the winner was Leonor Vilas Boas with Formoso.

This round of the national Working Equitation championship reflects the moment that the modality is going through and the prof of this was the enormous participation of the younger riders, in a year in which our country is preparing to host the World Championship of Working Equitation of the groups of Juniors and Young Riders.