Dr. Pedro Ferraz da Costa will be awarded by the President of the Republic with the Grand Cross of the Order of Infante D. Henrique on the 11th of April, at 6 pm, at the Palácio de Belém.

The announcement was made during the International Lusitano Horse Festival, last June, in Cascais, during which Dr. Ferraz da Costa was honored.

The President of the Republic announced that Dr. Pedro Ferraz da Costa will be awarded by his qualities and his responsibility in changing mentalities regarding the Lusitano horse and his leadership in projecting the Lusitano in Portugal and in the world - comparing it to Infante D. Henrique and justifying the choice of decoration.

He defined him as a unique figure in Portuguese society, tough, constant and loyal, always looking to the future in the distance, defining a path without straying from it. "I have wanted to honor him for many years for having been a great President of the CIP – a feat he always refused, the first confederation created after the 25th of April, in which he also took part, despite being very young at the time."

Stubbornness and persistence, characteristics also mentioned by the President, did not win this time and the decoration will take place.

Photo by Lena Saugen