Besides the National Team having only Lusitano horses, Mexico has already announced that its representative, also in Dressage, will be Mafer del Valle with Beduino Lam, a Lusitano born in Mexico, from the breeder Juan Jose del Valle Alvarado.

From Spain, among the pre-selected is Claúdio Castilha with Alcaide (Breeder: Sociedade Agricola Oliveira Martins) and Juan António Jimenez Cobo with Euclides, from Manuel Calheiros Braga.

It is with great satisfaction that we verify the increasing use of our horse at the highest level and all over the world. 

We hope to give more updates about more "Lusitano" presences in the Olympic Games 2021.

João Torrão and Equador | Photo by Rui Godinho

Maria Caetano and Fenix de Tineo | Photo by Rui Godinho

Rodrigo Torres and Fogoso | Photo by Rui Godinho

Carlos Pinto and La Gesse Sultão de Menezes | Photo by Rui Godinho

Claudio Castilla and Alcaide | Photo by Rui Godinho

Mafer del Valle and Beduino Lam | Photo by Rui Godinho

Juan Jimenez Cobo and Euclides

Juan Jimenez Cobo and Euclides | Photo by Rui Godinho