The Lusitano Breed is once again in 6th place among the World Dressage Breeds in 2024.

After achieving the same position in 2020, the Lusitano Breed once again stands out among the best in the world, thanks to the results obtained by our horses in various international competitions. GLADIAOR DO LIS is in 26th position, followed by IMPERADOR DOS CEDROS, EUCLIDES MOR, IMPORTANTE II, DAMASCO and HORIZONTE, horses that have scored 9,833 points and who place us in the TOP 10 of this World Ranking.

We would also like to highlight the fact that the quality of the Lusitano is increasingly recognised in Spain in the discipline of Dressage, as we can see that they are ridden by the most experienced riders of this nationality.

Our sincere congratulations go to all the breeders and owners, particularly those who have been investing in the training of their teams and their participation in competitions.