The Tokyo Olympic Games counts with the participation of 13 Lusitano horses that are part of the Teams from Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France and Mexico.

This competition brings together the top Dressage athletes from around the world.

It is a great victory to be able to participate in this event where, to get here, the combinations had to participate in several top-level competitions obtaining averages that allowed this qualification. It is, therefore, a victory taking into account the great supremacy, especially of the Nordic European countries that have a vast history of experience and results.

Obviously, we have great expectations for now taking into account the great value that all the combinations have, but we believe that it is in the medium term that we can, with everyone, consolidate this great achievement of the Lusitano in the high international equestrian competition.

It is through the assiduous presence in Championships and competitions of this magnitude that we can consolidate the image of our Lusitanos and also the national equitation, proving the functionality and capability of our horse. 

All this is only possible with each one of us, together, recognizing that the work developed by each one counts for the whole.


The Lusitano horse is, without a doubt, one of the most important ambassadors of our country abroad!


Let's go to Tokyo, with all!

At this date, the Lusitano horse teams are:

Portuguese Team

  • João Torrão & EQUADOR MVL (Breeder: Coudelaria do Monte Velho)
  • Maria Caetano & FENIX DE TINEO (Breeder: Juan Manuel Cordeiro)
  • Rodrigo Torres & FOGOSO (Breeder: Coudelaria Torres Vaz Freire)
  • Carlos Pinto & SULTÃO DE MENEZES (Breeder: Dannielle Lahaye)
  • Vasco Godinho & GARRET (Breeder: Sociedade Agricola da Foz do Alviela, SA)

French Team

  • Anne-Sophie Serre & ACTUELLE DE MASSA (Breeder : Sylvain Massa)

Spanish Team

  • Claudio Castlla Ruiz & ALCAIDE (Breeder: Sociedade Agricola Oliveira Martins)
  • Claudio Castilla Ruiz & FOGO DE LYW (Breeder: Coudelaria La Lyra e la W SL)
  • Juan Antonio Jimenez Cobo & EUCLIDES (Breeder: Sociedade das Silveiras)

Brazilian Team

  • João Victor Oliva & ESCORIAL (Santa Barbara Stud Farm)
  • Pedro Tavares de Almeida & FAMOUS DO VOUGA (Breeder: Manuel Tavares de Almeida Filho)
  • Pedro Tavares de Almeida  & XAPARRO DO VOUGA (Breeder: Manuel Tavares de Almeida Filho)

Mexican Team

  • Martha Del Valle Quirarte & BEDUINO-LAM (Breeder: Juan Jose del Valle Alvarado)

To all, best wishes for success!