From the 1st to the 4th of December at the Academia de Dressage, in Arruda dos Vinhos, the Final of the Portuguese Cup was held, where several Lusitano horses stood out.

In the Preliminary level we had 2 Lusitanos on the podium, with the presence of the horse Optimus and the rider Mafalda Galiza Mendes in 2nd place and also with the Mare Osiris das Pérolas and Patricia Neto in 3rd Place.

The podium at the elementary level was composed only with Lusitano horses, with the victory belonging to Nilo das Arcas and the rider Mafalda Galiza Mendes. The podium was completed with the stallion Nobre Saramunheiro and Nuno Chave sde Almeida in 2nd position and with Neptuno and Mariana Assis da Silva in 3rd position.

The podium at the Medium level was also composed only with Lusitano horses, where the victory went to the horse Mundial OC and the rider Miguel Ralão Duarte. In 2nd place was Mustang Plus and its rider João Gonçalves and in 3rd place was the Mare Minerva dos Rios and the rider Sarah Santos.

At the Advanced level, the victory went to a Lusitano horse again, this time to the horse Loro with the rider Filipa Carneiro, in 2nd position was Lancelot do Monte and the rider João Embaixador and in 3rd position were Laçarote and Maria Castelo Veloso.

Finally, at the Small Tour level, 1st place on the podium was won by the Lusitano horse Figura de Lyw and his rider Malin Bowallius, with 2nd place going to Hábil and Luis Azeitona.

Many congratulations to all.