The 4th round of the National Working Equitation Championship took place from the 3rd to the 5th of May in Vimeiro.

In the Masters level, the victory went to Luar da Caniceira, ridden by Gilberto Filipe. In 2nd position on the podium were Horizonte and Luis Brito Paes and completing the podium were Israel and João Bento.

In the Consagrados level, the highest place on the podium was taken by Majestosa and João Gonçalves followed by Morante and Gilberto Filipe and Jaguar and João Bento who occupied 2nd and 3rd position, respectively.

In the debutantes level the winner was Hábil da Broa and João Gonçalves, in 2nd place were Oreo and Ricardo Moura Tavares and completing the podium were Juncal da Caniceira and Gilberto Filipe

At the U20 level, the victory went to Histórico and Carmen Coronel. In 2nd place on the podium were Hialino and Rodrigo Batalha and in 3rd place were Nilo and António Simão Silva Mendes.

Finally, at the Under-16 level, victory was achieved by Endiabrado and Lara Carreira. The remaining podium places were taken by Libero dos Jerónimos and Renata Ferreira Da Costa in 2nd position and Horigami and Carminho Filipe in 3rd position.