At the 3* CDI in Segovia, Spain, the highlight goes to Gavião dos Cedros, ridden by Spanish rider Alejandro Asencio Mendez, who won the 2-day competition.

In the Grand Prix competition, which had the participation of 21 combinations, Gavião dos Cedros and Alejandro Asencio obtained the result of 71.522%.

In the Grand Prix Special competition, again the victory was conquered by Gavião dos Cedros and Alejandro Asencio with the result of 74.404% and with the 3rd place to be conquered by Hi-Rico Do Sobral ridden by Claudio Castilla Ruiz with the result of 69.851%.

In this competition also participated the Lusitano horses Hercules D'atela with the Portuguese rider Roberto Brasil, Hermés with the Brazilian rider Luíza Novaes Tavares De Almeida, Epico Das Figueiras with the Spanish rider Antonio Verdejo Pérez and Ciclone ridden by the Uruguayan rider José Ramón Beca.