The CDI 3* Lisbon took place from the 25th to the 26th of March at the Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa.

In the Grand Prix competition, 9 combinations participated, 5 of which with Lusitano horses.

The horse Irão, bred by the Ferraz da Costa Stud Farm and ridden by the rider Rita Ralão, won the prize awarded by the APSL to the best Lusitano in this competition after obtaining 3⁰ place on the podium with a result of 68.609%.

The Lusitano horses that also participated in this competition, Lord das Faias with the rider Ricardo Vinhas Reis who obtained the 4th place with a result of 68.326%, Devoto with Gonçalo Diabinho with a result of 68.239%, Iraque with Luciana Inácio with a result of 65.630% and Imperador with Miguel Rico with the result of 61,891%.

In the Grand Prix Special Competition, Iraque with Luciana Inácio won the 3rd position with the result of 67.404%, Irão with Rita Ralão obtained the result of 67.298%, Devoto with Gonçalo Diabinho scored 66.298%, Imperador with Miguel Rico scored 64.340% and Lord das Faias with Ricardo Vinhas Reis scored 64,000%.