Dear Sirs,
Following on from what has already been communicated, in 2024 the APSL Board of Directors will introduce changes to the approval of stallions.
Therefore, the 1st Lusitano Horse Exhibition will be held from 25 to 28 January at Sociedade Hípica Portuguesa, Lisbon, where the following initiatives will take place:
        - Approval of Stallions
        - Presentation of Stallions 
        - APSL Working Equitation Competition
        - Dressage
        - Lusitano horse Dressage Project
        - Portuguese School of Equestrian Art Show (Ajuda, Belém)

A veterinary inspection will take place for the animals that will be presented at the Breeding Approval, where it is mandatory to present the Certificate of Origin (Blue Book) and Spermogram, indicating the animal's identification, correct conformation of the external sexual organs, semen characteristics, and confirmation from the veterinary doctor of the ability to be a reproducer, without which it cannot be inspected.
Entries must be submitted no later than 10 days before the event. If you wish to reserve a box, you must also inform us on the date of application.
This initiative aims to dynamise, publicise and promote a meeting point for all breeders, owners and enthusiasts of our horses.

The cost of applying for stallions approval remains unchanged and the entry to the event is free.
More details on the other activities will be communicated in a specific circular for the event.

In the case of mares, we would be grateful if you could inform us, by 31 January 2024, your mare's number and districts for the Commission's visit. Below are indicate the dates and locations where the Commission will be travelling to grade the mares:

- Aveiro District: 12th and 13th March (Tuesday and Wednesday)

- Districts of Leiria and Coimbra: 2nd and 3rd April (Tuesday and Wednesday)

- Castelo Branco and Portalegre Districts: 16th and 17th April (Tuesday and Wednesday)

- Bragança, Vila Real, Braga and Porto districts: 24th, 25th and 26th April (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

- Faro District: 7th and 8th May (Tuesday and Wednesday)

- Azores: June (dates to be coordinated with local breeders) 


In accordance with current legislation, we would like to inform you that mares will only be seen with the Certificate of Origin (Blue Book).

We would like to draw your attention to the importance of getting your requests by the deadlines described above, as we cannot guarantee (in the case of mares) that further visits to the locations indicated will take place.

We also ask for your understanding that the dates shown may be subject to some correction due to the need to speed up visits according to the number of requests.

To make your request, please fill in the appropriate form on the APSL website